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At Kitchen Door, we’re invested in growing our Austin community from the ground up. We take the time to foster connection where it matters most—through deeply studying our local ecosystem, uplifting our local small businesses circle with project partnerships, and giving back to the Earth through team volunteering and regeneration initiatives.


We are proud to be a part of the Austin community, and to serve you and your neighbors with our beautiful, bespoke, and sustainable landscaping solutions.

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forté appling

city manager

Forté Appling lives in Austin, Texas where he has been a realtor, landscaper, touring musician, and campaigned with Environment Texas to preserve Texas' water systems. Forté is certified in garden maintenance and design and is pursuing project management certifications. Forté encourages people to fall back in love with nature, and to leave the world better off than when we entered it.


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tia watson

project manager

Tia Watson has worked closely with the earth since her first job as a cavern tour guide in San Antonio, Texas. Tia is dedicated to bringing serenity and harmony into the lives of clients, not only by reconnecting them with the surrounding nature, but by making that reconnection process as simple and stress free as possible.

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local plant life we love
Texas mountain laurel_edited_edited.jpg
texas mountain laurel

The mountain laurel not only provides beauty, but also intense aroma that attracts birds and pollinators alike. A beautiful small tree or large shrub, Mountain laurel is built to thrive in all of the various soil types in the area.

american beautyberry
flowering shrub

A great food source for birds and deer, beautyberries’ profuse fruit abundance provides visual interest and function to a wild backyard environment.

Callicarpa americana.jpeg
Salvia farinacea.jpeg
mealy blue sage

A gray/green-leaved perennial whose flower stands tall, bold, and purple, this perennial gives off a delicious sage fragrance and is a great addition to any garden yard.

gulf coast muhly

An adaptable and tolerant grass, this muhly can withstand almost a whole summer without water, or can thrive in a heavily watered garden making it the perfect companion to whatever your garden will be.

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