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denver, colorado


At Kitchen Door, we’re invested in growing our Denver community from the ground up. We take the time to foster connection where it matters most—through deeply studying our local ecosystem, uplifting our local small businesses circle with project partnerships, and giving back to the Earth through team volunteering and regeneration initiatives.


We are proud to be a part of the Denver community, and to serve you and your neighbors with our beautiful, bespoke, and sustainable landscaping solutions.

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brett bzedlik

city manager

Brett Bzdelik graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder and has been a landscape designer and project manager for over 12 years in the Denver Metro area. He loves to transform yards with his extensive knowledge of local plant material and custom features. Brett’s goal is to get his clients outdoors, enjoying their yard and the Colorado sunshine.


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branden freiner

project manager

Branden Freiner is an accomplished account manager with 15 years of success. Branden has a bachelor's degree in Business Management and has studied horticulture, landscape design, Colorado master gardening, and irrigation systems. He loves everything outdoors including backpacking, camping and fishing, and hopes to one day own a self-sufficient homestead.

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ilian decorte

project manager

Ilian was raised in Pennsylvania and received a master's degree in climate change science from UCLA before moving to Colorado to work as an ecological vegetable farmer. Through intentional plant selection and functional design, his mission is to regenerate vibrant ecosystems all over Denver, one home at a time.

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sandy pham

project manager

Sandy Pham is from North Carolina and now lives in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and got her MA at the University of Denver. With her background in nonprofit, government, and international work, Sandy is driven by compassion and is excited to connect people with their environments.

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chris leven

project manager

Chris hails from the East Coast growing up outside Philadelphia and graduating from The University of South Carolina. Chris is passionate about taking a holistic approach in how we relate to our ecosystem; he appreciates processes that ensure harmonious interconnectedness with our environment. Chris is also an avid Arsenal FC and Philadelphia Sports fan, as well as taco fanatic!


local plant life we love
our denver clients
evergreen-white bud mugo pine.jpg

This small conifer serves as a structure in the winter months where foliage is sparse. This staple’s ornamental needles hold the garden together through the snow.

little devil
flowering shrub

This miniature ninebark is perfect for mass plantings, small gardens, edges, and containers. The flowers and foliage serve as food sources to wildlife such as butterflies and caterpillars alike.

white day lily

This flower is perfect for edging with lush foliage as well as being the first pop of color to alert you when springtime is here.

prairie dropseed

Native to the Great Plains of the US, this elegant warm season grass has showy seedheads that appear in midsummer and add fine texture to your garden and soothing sounds as the wind rustles through them

prairie dropseed.jpeg


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