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In agriculture and gardening, cold frames are a method used to protect plants from harsh weather. They are built low to the ground, with transparent tops that let sunlight in while preventing heat from escaping.

They capture and concentrate the sun's rays, creating a microclimate inside that's more hospitable to plants, similar to a gree​​nhouse.

While greenhouses allow your plants to grow lushly through the winter, cold frames provide plants with conditions for gentle dormancy, so they are eager to resume growth in spring. This is especially helpful in places like Colorado.

Cold frames can also be used for starting your garden seedlings earlier in the season, by planting them in micro-green trays within the cold frame. Cold frames are great for seedlings because they eliminate transplant shock by prepping them to be better adjusted to the outside.

There are a few different ways to build cold frames, including plastic hoop tunnels and portable wooden frames with plastic covers. The cold frames pictured are ones we built for our Colorado client. These are the clear-roofed garden box kind.

The images on this page show cold frames in both the summer and winter.

If you are interested in adding cold frames to your yard, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us:

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